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A perfect fit and a perfect partnership for INSPADES Magazine and for our Artists.

We want to brand ALL of our future issues events, posts, featured content with your logo, your company and your services to connect directly with our readers, artists, photographers and engage with our related communities.
  • INSPADES Magazine will be branded as "Brought to you by YOUR COMPANY"
  • The opening spread will be always dedicated to YOUR BUSINESS with links, videos, social posts and offers in exclusive for our readers.
  • All of our online posts will be branded with YOUR LOGO for 1 year
  • All of our AdWords promotions will be branded with YOUR LOGO for 1 year
The best is yet to come!
We are planning events, instameets, and partnerships with photography associations that will allow to grow beyond our wildest dreams. This is not a "pitch" to sell a page on a magazine. This is a partnership to boost our reach and engagement to be recognized as the leader in Canada as a brand that not only helps Creative Thinkers by selling great products at great prices but supporting the community of artists across the globe with real action and real engagement.
This is a once in a time offer and this is the perfect time to take action.
While competitors are expanding their reach, we can burn the ground running and blast the message worldwide.
There is a Return On Investment that goes beyond impressions, reach and engagement. By leveraging collaborative brands to participate in this program we can tap into their yearly spend to have a more powerful campaign with contests, giveaways and more.
+1 (647) 622 2555
This is my direct number. I  hope to connect before the release of our next issue to start planning together our next steps.


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