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Meet our Team

INSPADES Magazine is full of talented influencers, artists and passionate Creative Thinkers that have at heart YOU! They embraced our mandate to feature the creative, talented people out there "doing something"—that would be you! We are truly honored to have such an incredible team of professional writers to make INSPADES Magazine a reality. They work tirelessly to craft each design, each page, each word to showcase you and your art at its best!

Jaclyn's Articles

Jaclyn Truss Editor in Chief


You may not have time to list her skills or even comprehend them. She is a whirlwind of energy that will have won your heart before you can even know why—or care. This Toronto native with a background more diverse than the UN, with a love for all that is human, she is an expressive tour de force whose wit will have you in stitches past your ability to breathe. She loves her team, she loves her artists, she loves her world, she is...The Queen of Spades!

Anissa R. Stambouli Assistant Editor


"Based in Ottawa with a background in literature and publishing (electronic and print), Anissa has experience in journalism, graphic design and social media coordination; this versatility has enabled an enjoyable ensemble of opportunities. When not playing music, writing or shooting photos, she can be found at the park with her dog or in a local coffee shop with a caffeine-IV plugged into her arm."

Anissa's Articles

Guinevere's Articles

Guinevere Joy Resident Writer


Guinevere Joy is a writer as well as a photographer working in the medium of fine art photography with a penchant for travel, art, and nature, filling her life with as much music and art as it can hold. She is also a yoga teacher, and has practised and taught yoga for a decade and a half. She loves the tranquility of living on Manitoulin Island, as well as the vivacity of the Spanish-speaking world.

Sergio Spadavecchia Publisher


Publisher and Creative Director they don't call him "The Captain" for nothing! Whatever your project is, he's definitely the one you want steering your ship! On top of that, Sergio is all heart. No seriously, all of him, it's all he's made of. He'll stay up all night for you, getting it just right, he'll even smile about it as he tapes his eyelids open so he can surprise you with his finished masterpiece. 

Sergio's Articles