Who We Are

INSPADES Magazine is a Canadian-based, international luxury art and photography magazine that features artists of every genre from all over the world. Partnered with Pr0ject_Uno, a unified collection of Instagram feature pages with over 2 million followers, INSPADES Magazine highlights the best artists the world has to offer! As an online magazine, INSPADES Magazine offers readers rich media, including videos, poetry readings and live links to the artists.

Giving A Leg Up To The Little Guy

All around the world, there is incredible artistic talent and creative passion that goes unseen or unnoticed. In this digital era, months of work can apex with a few “likes” on Instagram before being lost forever in the vast seas of social media. Many of the up-and-coming artists in our magazine never thought they would make the page of any magazine and are over the moon to be provided a platform of credibility with which they can showcase their work. From talented hobbyists to seasoned professionals, whether they have thousands of followers or none at all, INSPADES Magazine has only a single criterion - talent. With in-depth artist and editorial features, incredible visuals and focus on turning everyday artists into superstars and showcasing their work on a global scale, INSPADES Magazine garners an especial esteem and appreciation within art communities all over the world!


What We Offer You

Melaleuca has been an amazing part of our lives. Each day is a merry-go-round of Melaleuca from morning to night - showering, dishes, laundry, cleaning, makeup, and more - for years we have shopped happy and lived healthily! On top of that, the journey with Melaleuca has been nothing short of extraordinary! From life-long friendships to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, to education in business, to how we value ourselves as people, Melaleuca has been completely life-changing! Every aspect of our lives, every day, are in some way shared with Melaleuca - so why not this?


Like Melaleuca, we wanted to help the little guy, and INSPADES Magazine is a success in the world of art! So, as our thanks to you, your impact, your support and your inspiration, we would like to offer free yearly subscriptions to all of your customers, for as long as you would like to have them, completely free.


INSPADES Magazine is a gorgeous, luxury magazine, featuring pieces and artists that can be enjoyed by everyone! Each subscription is valued at $19.99 CAN plus tax, which would equate to millions of dollars of free gifts to your customers!


How Would It Work?

Since you have partnerships with retail outlets, if you wished to place INSPADES Magazine in your Marketplace as a participating vendor we could simply offer a 100% discount. However, since it is a free offer, you may want to take advantage of that differently and we would be happy to let you incorporate it in any way you want. In short, whichever way you would like to gift the free subscriptions to your customers, we will help you to execute it! You are not required to advertise us in any specific way outside that which serves your own purposes. This offer is completely free, with no strings attached or conditions.


If you have any questions, we would be happy to speak with you at your earliest convenience!


Thank you kindly for your time and we would love to include you in our inspiring art community!