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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Cynthia Chizoba Udeh-Martin is an entrepreneurial Toronto-based designer who, at the young age of 23, is already making a name for herself in the fashion world. In 2015, Udeh-Martin launched her fashion brand Zoba Martin, the name derived from Cynthia’s Igbo (Nigerian tribe) name Chizoba, which means “well-protected”.

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Udeh-Martin moved to Canada as a teenager and currently studies at the Toronto Fashion Academy. A fashionista from the start, Udeh-Martin has always been fascinated by the way fabrics, colour combinations and materials could be assembled to create new designs the world has yet to see. While she has discovered her niche in elegantly handcrafted, custom designs that blend African prints with a contemporary North American edge, Udeh-Martin also dabbles in retro designs, fancying remakes of 1950’s couture in particular.

Not only are the stylish and unique fashion creations of Udeh-Martin a form of personal expression, but her custom approach also appeals to the personal expression of her clients. To support this amazing up and coming fashion artist while achieving her please look stunning looks, you can while you show support for this amazing up and coming fashion artist please go to zobamartin.com

“I’m inspired by the brand Delpozo. His bold artistic pieces, the colors, choice of fabric and style gives me life! I collect inspiration from everywhere I go, from nature to architecture to the beautiful people I see on the streets.”

“I am very intrigued by different cultures and diversity, how a group of people can create a way of life for themselves and pass it on from generation to generation, and the way it gradually changes over time.”

“Starting a fashion brand is not as rosy as it may seem on social media, but every day I am in it is an opportunity for me to learn and be a better designer for myself and my clients.”

“I put a lot of thought and work into every piece I create because, to me, each piece is a masterpiece.”

“I want to make history with my pieces someday, it may not come easy but I am willing to put in work.”

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