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Why I didn't get featured?

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

How to make a perfect submission to


You might be asking yourself

"Why I didn't get selected to be featured on INSPADES Magazine?"

Well in this post you'll get all your answers and maybe even something more, ...so let's start from the beginning.

What INSPADES is looking for!

We are looking for inspiration, something that has to make our jaws drop, something that—once we look at it, or read it—it has to make us want to stop whatever we are doing and jump out to start creating. If it's a photo, we want to be mesmerized by its beauty, composition, colours, and above all how it makes us feel if it's a photo manipulation we want to believe that it's real if you are a makeup artist we want to see what you can do and where the creativity's line blends with the beauty of the model...you get the point, right?

If you have read INSPADES and taken a deep look at its pages, you'll understand that we are different from all other publications. We don't give the featured Artists or Creative Thinkers a tiny little photo in a corner with a poorly written blurb—and maybe even ask them to pay for it! (Which is absolutely outrageous).

[These are a few examples of the opening pages to the article of the artist]

We give each artist four, six, ten or even TWENTY pages of incredibly designed state-of-the-art features that are crafted to match the artist's creation and vision, promoted through a caring community of influencers that have their only mission to support and promote Artists and Creative Thinkers like you!

Okay, now why you didn't get picked?

This is a complex matter and I want to explain everything in detail. Once you click submit, you will be sent to an easy step-by-step form that will help you with your submission. This part is extremely important because we read all the submissions and we want to know how are you willing to inspire our readers? How can you make all others stand out of the crowd? (Yes, because as a community of artists, we all help each other.) How can you "Do It In Spades!!!"

1) Write your story, your passion, your devotion to your craft.

So here is the first error that most artists do. They don't write anything at all about themselves and their art. If you are not willing to talk about your art and to tell us more about yourself, how can we be inspired by you?

Now you don't have to write a novel about yourself and you don't even have to worry too much about the grammar, because we have great writers that will do that for you!

2) Submit a variety of images

You submitted a series of the same photoshoot. Okay...okay, you really love the results of "that" particular photo shoot, or maybe the model was great to work with, or the colours of that sunset were crazy, or for whatever reason, you really love that series of paintings, photos, poses,...okay...but we can't use it, at least not all of it. Imagine if we filled our magazine with one single shooting session, it would not be that inspiring after the first page.

As much as we understand that you love that particular outcome it wouldn't be appealing. You don't get it? Imagine if your Instagram account had only one photo repeated forever, as much as it would be cool the first time, it would not be as cool the second time, now imagine the 30th time :(

We need a variety of subjects and different photos to show what you are made of and to inspire others to create. So don't send us tons of photos of the same subject, and this obviously applies to all arts and crafts!

3) One image won't cut it

Don't submit just one :(

Now in the wide plethora of situations that we incur, there is the case of a single photo. Yes. One single image will not cut it. Read point 2) and you'll understand, or better subscribe and check out other Artists and see what we created for them!

4) High resolution and NO Watermark!!!

Something that we definitely cannot use is low-resolution photos. INSPADES Magazine is designed to showcase your fabulous art from the phone all the way up to 4K UHD monitors. So why would you want to submit low-resolution images? They would look all "pixellated" and it would make you look bad.

We read all submissions!

We go thoroughly thorough every single submission. We read your story, we visit all the links that you include and we make sure that you submitted the best images of your collection. We make sure that your story is told how it should be and you get all the exposure that we can provide, all this designed to match your style and your feel.

This means also that it takes time. Be patient and connect with us, we are all here to feature you, and to do it "In Spades", we need just a little time...

All this is FREE.

We will never ask you to pay for your submission and we will never have someone have a more prominent feature because they paid. Artists are already investing way too much in their craft for us to be lurking on their wallets.

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