• David Spadavecchia



A gentle touch of warm colors, soft edges and sharp words compose a vision of a world that will make you reflect, make you ponder what the “normal” vision of our life has been hiding from us all along.

“The most robust walls we build around us to keep sadness out can collapse at any moment”

This quote empathizes the doleful look of one of Viktor’s beautiful subjects, who recurrently appears in his collection, presumably for her inspiring look, those shiny eyes that seep into your gaze, sharing the moment with you, as though she can actually see you back. But does she?

“Although the eyes reflect your inner emotions, they are the perfect tool for deception”

The beauty is still there, right in her eyes, again looking at you, but not seeing you. Viktor carries this theme further, outright covering a model’s eyes with her own braids, restricting her from deception, forcing her, and the viewer, to look inside themselves. Contrastingly, he posts this quote, once again delivering something to you and compelling you to see beyond it:

“Dwelling upon the self too much produces terrible fatigue. A man in that position is deaf and blind to everything else. The fatigue itself makes him cease to see the marvels all around”

—Carlos Castaneda

This quote is absolute perfection when matched with his photography, giving more power to his paradoxical vision. The beauty of Viktor’s work is not just the delicate reveal of his subjects, but that he delivers an inspiring medium for the world to reveal it’s paradoxical nature to you. We dare you to hold their gaze freely and decide for yourself, do you prefer subtle serration, or do you like your edges rounded off?



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