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"UNSTOPPABLE CREATIVITY" @dayinjune...woow

@inspadesmag @creativespades AKA/ Sergio D. Spadavecchia: Creator and Publisher of INSPADES Magazine. @astamdesigns AKA/ Anissa Stambouli: Head writer & Co-Editor for INSPADES Magazine. Re/ My Feature in INSPADES Mag/ Issue 008: "UNSTOPPABLE CREATIVITY" Dearest Sergio, Anissa and Creative Team, There are no words that can cover what I want to say after seeing my feature for the first time; but I will try… I am in complete awe, incredibly honored and humbled, not to mention feeling very blessed! It is put together so impeccably well! I'm still shaking my head, with jaw dropped, and my heart bursting with joy! It is so well written and accurate in detail, including just about every important venue of my life. I had to have my husband Darren read it to me after reading it three times, myself! Dearest Anissa, you are indeed an amazingly gifted writer! You convinced me that perhaps my creativity is unstoppable, I just had to be reminded! Dearest Sergio, I never expected your generosity in the amount of attention that you gave me and the precise, perfected layout that you created! You are both BRILLIANT! I've said it before and I will say it again: I have never worked with such GENUINE people who pour their hearts and souls into this Magazine 1000%! Whose entire goal is to ♠️SHARE OUR ART WITH THE WORLD!♠️ Thank you my extraordinarily talented, beautiful friends! Doing this article was one of the biggest thrills of my life. Please know that for an entire day and night you took my mind off of my pain and illness, and put it where it belongs; on my creativity. God willing, that is where it will stay... With all of my love and gratitude, Your June

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