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Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Piers Bosler just quit his job.

A recent transplant to the Los Angeles landscape, Bosler is currently riding out his two week’s notice with the apprehensive anticipation that habitually accompanies major life shifts. “I was working in advertising doing social media coordination and I wasn’t happy. I just don’t think I’m the type of person that can sit at a desk all day long. Leaving my job is definitely a risk, and I’m nervous...but I have to make it work.” Bosler told INSPADES.

And just what pushed Bosler into taking that final leap toward the unknown? “I need to be doing art.” he declared. Bosler’s art focuses mainly on fashion and fine art photography, and he loves his images to be majestic and emanate an ethereal quality. His images often have a theme of water, and since he prefers to shoot on location, this means lots of waterfalls. “Solid backdrops are boring,” Bosler admits, “if I shoot in a studio it has to be a crazy set up. My workflow is Lightroom - Photoshop - Exposure - back to Lightroom - export to SmugMug.” Bosler explained.

Part of Bosler’s new journey is his recent alliance with the Pr0ject_Uno community, to which he is thrilled about their future prospects and potential. “I believe in Pr0ject_Uno, and now that I have more time, I can focus on our artist takeovers. We are using Snapchat, and hopefully soon, we will also be using Instagram stories and YouTube to do artist takeovers. We are giving people the opportunity to see how their favorite artists from around the world shoot, edit and live.”

Keep an eye out for Bosler and his upcoming works with Pr0ject_Uno, aligned with new purpose and the freedom to pursue his excitement, it should prove to be a magnificent collaboration!

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