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The Inception of Imagination

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

The mindbending images of @nak_bali_ debuted on Instagram on June 9, 2013, leaving an astonishing mark on the Instagram community and quickly flourishing to over 28,400 followers. The page’s owner and artist, Herri Susanto, wields an incredible power to distort reality in such a way that will have you staring in silent wonder, unsure of of your own gravity, and desperate to see more. Much of his work is reminiscent of the movie Inception, with cityscapes and nature scenes contorting supernaturally to his will, Susanto will bear you to the very brink of your wildest imaginings, only to hold you teetering on the edge of reality with permanent threat of instant collapse.

Susanto’s pieces are masterful, strangely dreamlike, articulate in their absurdity and divinely imaginative. Twisting the known world into something unknown, he creates exceptional concepts that would make the world’s most talented special effect gurus green with envy (or perhaps some other colour that only currently exists in Susanto’s imagination). Unlike some artists, Susanto has no interest in tightly defining his artwork, leaving the end result open to the interpretation of the viewer, allowing them to experience whatever the piece may invoke in them.

“Pouring my imagination in a picture made me feel so different. It is like telling a story without missing any details. No misunderstanding involved. I have created my pictures much like a poet, you can interpret them personally without any concern of being mistaken.” Susanto said of his work.

While some may argue his pieces provoke great mystery, tumulting in the psyche of what is, isn’t and can’t be (...but can it?), there is no question that his images will awaken and revolt your belief system of what is possible in this world.

That then begs the question, what of Susanto’s beliefs? Is there any limit that he is willing to consider? Does he wake up each morning bent on bending universal physics with such startling imagery? His approach is simpler and more lighthearted than you might imagine.

“I do this for fun. I mean, doing what makes you happy won’t disappoint you. Photography, editing and everything else, is an art, a beauty. Making a beautiful thing, knowing that someone will appreciate it, what else could be more enjoyable?” Susanto reveals.

We agree few things could be more enjoyable, but there is one thing that could rank pretty high on the list and to which Susanto would agree - family.

Susanto has recently taken a sabbatical from the Pr0ject_Uno team to have more time to focus on his family, but is still in contact with the team and often reminisces his time spent with them.

“Miss Cee (@Carolgong) and the @Pr0ject_Uno team allowed me to be a part of their team. It has been a great time, working with great artists and appreciating great artworks. Everyday we would look for new and talented artists or old artists who were continually improving their skills. We could only choose some of the artworks to be featured in our pages...and it wasn’t an easy task. We would have a lot of beautiful pictures and had to choose from only 1-3 of them. But still, it was so fun. It was so sad when I had to say goodbye to my Instagram family back then, but with their support and the support from family and friends, I continue making artworks, sharing my thoughts, and feeling the joy of art.” Susanto shared with InSpades.

We are eternally grateful that Susanto will continue with his artistry, as his images are the epitome of creativity and we are honoured that we are here simply to humbly witness them, and the sheer grandeur of his fantasy that opens up the universe to endless possibilities and leaves us breathless with wonder.



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