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The Image Of Love

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Brian Johnston & Carolina Villaraos

@brianj_photography @caro_villaraos

This adorable pair found love in the arts and with each other. Both currently live in New York, and while they have different goals and face different challenges, they find joy in endeavoring them together.

For the past 6 months, Brian has been engulfed in the overtures of New York City, it’s fantastic charisma and architectural beauty. Surrounded by artists, whether local or online, he finds himself deeply inspired and motivated by everything this new experience has to offer. He has recently fallen in love with the darker side of portrait photography, pushing himself to explore and push the boundaries of dark and light, and his recent worked is marked heavily with his new found techniques.

“It’s my goal to have people realize that there is always a light to look for. Capturing emotion is what it’s all about for me. A lot of my motivation comes from my beautiful girlfriend, Carolina Villaraos, who pushes me everyday to take my photography to the next level, whether it be photoshoots out of my comfort zone or discovering new editing techniques to set myself out of the crowd. A LOT of emotion goes through my heart and head when I take photos and I try to recreate that with the final images I let the world see. ‘Moodiness’ is everything to me and I just hope when people see my images they feel something too.” Brian explained.

His muse, Carolina, is a dancer, recently graduated from The Boston Conservatory, and is trying to make a name for herself in New York in the challenging world of Concert Dance. While that remains her overall goal, she has taken this life opportunity to delve deeper into the experience of art as a whole and participate in its myriad of offerings.

“Together Brian and I have found passion and motivation and you can see that through his photos. It has all to do with positivity and an emotionally driven photographer. To call this work, would be nothing short of a lie... He picked up a camera and immediately became fascinated in capturing moments, and it wasn’t until he did so, that I finally saw my true potential through his lens. Everyday I find beauty in photography and what it means to be an artist. I now have no limits.” Carolina told InSpades.

As new additions to the Pr0ject_Uno family, we are sure this is just the beginning for this artsy couple, and hope that they will show us exactly what “no limits” looks like!


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