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Tanneke Peetoom

Updated: Dec 17, 2019


Born in 1967, Tanneke Peetoom is a Dutch autodidact photographer, and the proud mother of two teenage daughters. In October 2010, her husband gifted her with her first camera, and she hasn’t unleashed it since. She began taking pictures of her daughters, then girlfriends of her daughters, and soon, these pictures made their way to social media, eliciting an unexpected response. Offers for photographic assignments began rolling in, with Peetoom ready to rise to the challenge.

Over time, Peetoom has developed her own unique style: bright portrait photos, always made with natural light and a soft romantic presence. She applies antique hairstyles and clothing, photographing children between the ages of 5 and 18 years. She emphasizes the purity and fragility of each child with her signature focus on the eyes, often a dazzling and mesmerizing blue. She has enjoyed several publications in magazines, 8 book covers and an entry in the book ‘The New Dutch Photography Talent 2014’. More recently, she won the silver award in the prestigious European photo competition: PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2015, with her photo “EVA, THE GIRL WITH VEIL”


MY first contact with Peetoom’s style rendered me utterly speechless. How could such beauty be captured using almost no color? How could harsh whites and cold, washed out tones be so warm and inviting?

Dwelling on her incredible photos, trying to grasp the essence of their beauty and mentally deconstruct her techniques in an effort emulate her simplistic approach, I was forced to relent in joyful surrender. All of Peetoom’s images are a snapshot vision of when our world was awash with modest and natural beauty, a time which would flow slowly, giving chance to fully enjoy the wonderful grace of a child looking back at you.

Peetoom needs no words to make you slow down and focus on the details, on what you can achieve with what surrounds you. Lose yourself in those sharp blue eyes and understand them as their own reward.

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