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Stunning Reese

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Kristina Reese @shadow.boxer, the right hand of Pr0ject_Uno, was born and raised in Long Island, New York, enjoying a long exposure of city life before landscaping herself into a country girl in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She now resides in Arizona, enjoying nature and all the beautiful things the desert has to offer. A diverse photographer, Reese’s spirit of exploration has her contrasting between ultra-saturation and desaturation, the fullness of the soul and the emptiness of the abandoned, and playing with the penetrating brightness of light against the deep and healing dark.

“Creating a photograph to me is so much more than snapping the shutter of a camera. Photography is a feeling, a reaction and a long drawn out thought. I enjoy all genres of photography, but mostly I enjoy urban exploration. I first started exploring abandoned buildings with my brother, when I was a child. When I found my passion for photography, I harnessed my love for dark undiscovered places and abandoned spaces long forgotten. When entering a forsaken structure, it instantly takes me back to another time. With that feeling, I try to create a sense of what was. With that territory, dark, spooky and even creepy feelings slip into the psyche and those are the emotions I try to capture.” Reese related to InSpades.

Reese’s love took on new life when she partnered up with Carol Gong at the humble beginning of what was to become the remarkable and impassioned community of Pr0ject_Uno. “I started taking photographs seriously about 3 years ago, when I discovered the ability to share my ideas with other artists on Instagram.” Reese explained.

Realizing she could share the harvest of her talent and dedication with like-minded artists, Reese helped Gong build the many “project” pages on Instagram from the ground up. Now, together, with the team they have built, they are uniting the pages under one mega-community,

constructed of some of the best, most brilliant and driven artists the world has to offer. One of the most unique qualities Reese enjoys about her growing online family is that they are just that – a family. In her focused endeavor to forge a place to support the people who love what she loves, she found her own support, from those same people who now love her as well.

Kristina ran into some unfortunate trouble with her flight on her way to join up with the Pr0ject_Uno team at their last meet. She was stranded in Dallas for a day before having to reroute home, sadly missing out on the New York adventure. So to make it right, for the next P1 meet, we have promised to bring the meetup to her, in sunny Arizona. There Kris, we said it, publicly, and in print…now it has to happen! We hope to see everyone there!

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