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Pat De Kruijff

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

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If iPhone is looking for a new commercial, we’ve got an idea worth pitching. Pat De Kruiff, a photographer based in the Netherlands, has made a name for himself using an iPhone as his only camera.

De Kruiff’s photography skills emerged five years ago when he purchased his first iPhone. Since then he’s been an “iPhone-ographer”-purest. With darling photos of his family in the Netherlands and of their travels through France, De Kruiff’s style is consistently bright and crisp with the occasional pop of pastels.

“Every outing we do automatically turns into a shoot with the fam,” Kruijff admitted. Featuring his two children and wife in most images, Kruijff’s work documents the lifestyle and landscapes enjoyed by his family.

In “At First Sight” De Kruiff’s child gazes curiously through a coin-operated binocular tower overlooking a landscape. The size difference between the child and machinery is immediately enduring, while the exquisite lighting, gold accent and pastel coat offer a sense of innocent delight.

“Some days we plan a shoot with a certain theme, other days they are spontaneous. Sometimes it’s a spur of the moment thing where [my kids] just need to hold an object in their hands for a second,” De Kruiff said of their family outings.

Though De Kruiff’s wife is also a photographer, she and his photogenic children prefer to do the modelling. In “A Sip Of Sass” his daughter pauses for a drink while leaning sassily against a door. The combination of her sweet attire against the pastel blue wall, with the nonchalant attitude of her posture achieves a wonderfully charming effect.

While De Kruiff’s work tends to focus on his young family, he also branches out to capture landscapes. With a perfectly symmetrical and clean shot in “The Towering Tour Eiffel”, De Kruiff snaps the iconic Eiffel Tower.

In a world of smartphones and GoPros, it’s easy to snap shots on the go; however, to achieve tasteful and artistic results, one requires the eye of a true mobile photographer, one which De Kruiff has no doubt developed.


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