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Olaf Tigchelaar


Octaves of Olaf

“I have only one goal with my Instagram. A humble one. I want to move people. Whether it’s the raising of an eyebrow, a lip curling into a beginning smile, a burst into laughter or simply the dropping of a jaw, I’m happy when my photos evoke at least some kind of emotion. But most of all, I hope my photos entertain people. I usually start a photo without a plan. I don’t sit down and create. An idea comes in my head and that’s when it happens. Without Photoshop or any other programs. Everything is done on my iPhone. You wouldn’t believe it, but I never save my photos. I upload them to Instagram and then they’re gone.”

—Olaf Tigchelaar



Captain Cowboy and the Money Maker an interview with two buskers that think big!

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