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My Team is my biggest asset!

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

If you've read any other of my posts you know that they are not the most grammatically correct—nor politically correct either, if I may add—but I write with a drive and a passion for what I do and most of the times the "stupidity" of other makes me go off my track and on a rampage that I can hardly control..

I constantly get caught in the extremes, being dragged into furious feelings of rage while plunging in never-ending discussions in my head that get interrupted only by the banging noise on the radio in my long commutes or when designing INSPADES—not to mention while I slay dragons in Neverwinter Nights.

Because of my passion and because of my temper, working with me is not always simple as it may seem. I jump from one idea to the other and I bring them all to execution—most of the times biting more than I can possibly chew. But this is no reason to desist from new endeavors while clashing constantly with the 86,400 seconds in a day, never enough to do all the infinite things that I want to achieve.

It's hard work, and most of the times it comes without recognition nor anything at all in return, and again...not a good enough reason to desist, quit, or fail.

Many colleagues that I've had the honor to work with consider me a visionary. Most people don't understand the drive that pushes me. Most hold me down. Many want me on a tight leash, constraining thoughts, creativity, passion, till the flame is dead and the last like of smoke disappears into thin air.

That heavy, unbearable weight on my soul is alleviated temporarily when creating, when in that state-of-mind that is between slumber and dream, yet fully awake, not here in "this" world, simply drifting away in my own head.

My team is what keeps me going. The very few that understand that there is a bigger vision of what we are creating here with INSPADES Magazine. My team members are the visionaries that know that building from scratch means working hard, means that we don't stop, not because we can't, but because we don't want to. We are what we are, we will never change, probably we will never win...but...again...this is not a good enough reason to stop, to quit, to fail..


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