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Message from @dayinjune

June Courtland Burke

Creating is my life!

@inspadesmag @creativespades Dearest Sergio and Creative Team,

When I saw this it literally brought tears of joy to my eyes. It rendered me speechless and as Sergio knows… That is indeed a near impossible job!

LOL! As you know I have worked on some exciting jobs in my life with many famous musicians and celebrities; but this by far was my favorite encounter!

I have never worked with such GENUINE people who pour their hearts and souls into this Magazine 1000%! Whose entire goal is to


Who could ask for more?!

I received so much more than I expected, with out even asking. I am speaking of the friendship that I CHERISH so much, that developed between Sergio (the ingenious creator and publisher) of: @InSpadesMag and myself. Above all, I truly feel blessed to call you my friend, dearest Sergio… I'd also like to thank @InSpadesMag's talented head-writer; Anissa for putting her heart and soul into my story! It is greatly appreciated!

Thank you Sergio for believing in me! It means more to me than I could ever put into words.


With all of my heart, Your June


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