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Mayk Bautista

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

@m_bautista330 / @weekly_feature

Everything Mayk does, he does in spades. We were lucky enough to have him host the Pr0ject_Uno New York event, and, as the “Big Apple” is his element, we enjoyed a behind the scenes tour like no other. From dining at delicious restaurants, to drinking at memorable dingy dive bars, to a sub rosa walk-through of the construction of new One World Trade Center, there is nothing @m_bautista33 does halfway. His photography - highly focused on New York cityscapes, landmarks and bridges - reflects his “all-in” attitude. As for his humble beginnings?

“I fell in love with photography in my early teens about a year before high school while assisting with my school yearbook. In high school, I continued pursuing the art. I was told many times that I had a good eye but it wasn’t until mobile photography and interacting with so many people from all over the world that I learned to appreciate it.”

Well Bautista has certainly evolved from his high school yearbook years, his Instagram page sporting stunning scenes, a pageantry of the darkened steel skeletons that make up the city’s silhouette and gritty spray painted subway underbelly, which he then brightly contrasts with peaceful sunsets, brightly lit skyscrapers and night skies rocketing to life in an explosion of fireworks.

While he displays a clear affinity for black and whites, Bautista will often desaturate certain colours but leave others, like a contained oil spill of colour, the remaining hues illuminating the images so boldly you fear they will spill off the page.

Aside from his own talents, Bautista takes pride in featuring the talents of others. He created a page called @weekly_feature, which boasts an “Artist of the Day” and, in the likeness of Pr0ject_Uno, showcases artists from all of the world.

Bautista spoke to InSpades about his project, “I created @weekly_feature to give back, so to speak...Little did I know that by doing so and connecting with others I’d be part of a much greater good. Besides people like @this.kitty who are great inspirations, I’ve also made lifelong connections with visionaries like @carolgong & @shadow.boxer who are responsible for launching so many of your favorite hubs. Together with @521gemini, @creativespades and a very supportive team of about 40 plus others, we will be bringing you the vision of the Pr0ject_Uno brand.”

As a moderator for Pr0ject_Uno, we know Bautista carries the spirit of the care, generosity and support that is indicative of their community. We can’t help but be excited to see what he will bring to the table for both the Pr0ject_Uno pages and InSpades Magazine, and Bautista shares this excitement, “Photography opened up so many doors for me, including the opportunity to work on this project. I’m hopeful that through the platform of photography, the world can be a better place and through my photos, inspire others to follow their heart and pay all good things forward. It’s my belief that through photography one can express themselves in ways some words cannot. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so just imagine how much you can say with a thousand pictures…”



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