• David Spadavecchia

Jeri Samples

Often exploring train tracks, bare trees and seemingly abandoned houses, the photography and digital art of Jeri Samples mostly features rustic settings with a wash of colour edited in. Samples’ edits often take on a surreal and chilling tone.

In “Darkest Mood”, a set of wide, unkempt stairs ascend a hill, crowned by a scraggly tree. The path is covered by dead leaves, a grainy filter with vignette edges and a cool tone overlay the photo, adducing the brooding atmosphere of a horror film flashback.

“I love the use of editing apps and involving people to create moody captures,” said Samples, who achieved a vividly emotional response from “Stop Bullying”, an inspiring anti-bullying piece.

In this compelling macro shot of a young person’s eye, their features clearly captured, yet marred by digitally added illegible scribbles across the subject’s face. A shadow of hair darkens the right side of the photo, and a gold taint offers the image an aged, damaged look.

“Words are like scars to the heart,” reads the caption on the piece in Samples’ Instagram account. “Take a clean sheet of paper, wad it up into a ball. Now, unfold it. It’s not the same and will never be the same, just like a person’s heart n soul.” The caption, paired with a face scarred by negative language, achieves instant pathos toward the anti-bullying movement.

Another piece to boast of Samples’ digitally artistic finesse is “Escaping Your Fears”. Conveying a sense of escape as a flock of birds pass through a cylindrical tunnel of stone and into the open air—the image is both claustrophobic and liberating. “I create images that will consume the viewer with awe and hopefully leave an impact of an open imagination...” she mused.

Samples is a digital artist with an avid Instagram career. Besides her personal account, Samples is a moderator for

@pr0ject_uno, and also founded the Lovely Dead Crap (@lovelydeadcrap) and Fingerprint of God (@fingerprintofgod) communities, serves as the administrator for Royal Snapping Artists (@royalsnappingartists), and curates for Royal Snapping Artists, Nature Pics (@rsa_naturepics).

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