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it’s hours of work but the finished product is well worth it - TreyLane

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

When it comes to modern photography, editing and digital creativity are just as important as natural talent. Trey Lane combines her skilled eye with experimentation to create a whimsical world of fantasy. Even without colour, her black and white images are layered and complex, like visions from another universe.

Lane is from Worcester, Massachusetts, where she has been a photographer for three years. She often travels all over New England to seize life’s little moments, and when she is searching for inspiration, she adventures to capture the world from her perspective, and then shares her discoveries with others.

Lane is a self-taught artist who is constantly learning and testing the limits, but she dreams of one day being a professional photographer. She loves to be inspired by other shutterbugs and hopes one day her art will be aspirational for young artists.

“My work is constantly changing with my growth as a photographer,” she told InSpades. “I welcome fellow Instagrammers to follow my progression so that one day maybe I can be their inspiration.”

Lane’s creativity is evident in her images and so is her natural inclination to experiment. “Recently, I’ve gotten into creating art with my photography; it’s hours of work, but the finished product is well worth it,” she admits.

One of her strongest and visually interesting photographs is “Bird Man”. Taken with a Nikon D3200 at Rock Harbor Beach in the Cape, the shoot started out simply, as a photo of her friend, Christopher Funk, sitting in a chair enjoying the sunset. Then Lane saw the potential for transformation and took the image into the digital editing room. She used Vsco and Photoshop to blend a flock of birds emerging from Chris as he nonchalantly leans back, creating ripples in the water. The surreal birds don’t bother Chris—although they appear to have come from another dimension— so the viewer also has no reason to be alarmed, creating a unique piece of art that blends the natural landscape with a hint of fantasy.

“Lost Soul” and “Less is More” are two more examples of Lane’s ability to create a dream-like world, immersed in a world of fantasy. “Lost Soul” is a self-portrait, the artist as a whisper, a human in the form of a shadow. “Less is More” is a single boat on the shore, standing tall with a perfect twin reflected below it. The water and sky merge until the boat seems unmoored, floating as if by its own accord.

Another strange but completely satisfying image is Lane’s “Clay Time”. On a whim, she brought home some clay and with the help of a friend proceeded to wash in it. After covering their skin, they allowed it to dry and stretch, creating large cracks in the surface of the “skin”. Lane then picked up her Nikon and started shooting. The result was something artistic and monstrous, a close-up of skin stretching into a scream, resisting the tightness of the clay. Each crack mesmerizes, drawing the viewer deeper and deeper into the monster’s nightmare.

Lane’s style is ever changing and always growing. She looks for inspiration in unusual places, often emerging with new vantage points and memorable images. She has a strong voice, and with the eyes of the world now on her, we’re waiting to see what she has to tell us.

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