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I’m a sorry partner for small talk

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

When people ask me where I’m from, I lie and name the last place I’ve been; it’s easier than explaining my nomadic lifestyle, which tends to be a long-winded answer for an unsuspecting small-talker expecting the name of a single city.

Similarly, my creative projects are a conglomeration of textual and visual expression, another tedious response to, “what kind of art do you do?”

I am writer, a painter, a graphic designer, a musician. For some, mastering a niche is ideal; however, my creative outlets fit no specific form, much like the locations that sum up “where I’m from” can’t be traced to one place.

Being a part of InSpades Magazine has been quite a thrill. When I first joined I thought, “Hey 2016, thanks for living up to my fortune cookie’s promise of a big future. I will forthwith have confidence in my pastries’ prophecies.” Like many of the featured artists in “Issue Zero”, my work is being premiered for the first time in a big, shiny spread, keeping company with the pages of many talented artists from around the world.

Before moving to Toronto, Canada, one of my most recent homes was in a small town in New Brunswick. The town had one streetlight intersection—that’s how tiny it was, and vacant farm fields and calm lakes were within a ten-minute walk, even if I dallied. My creativity manifested through painting and poetry, song writing and music. Moving to the city, I found my outlets changed; painting turned to graphic design and black ink illustration, while song writing morphed into fiction filled with streams of consciousness.

Still, I am most inspired by the natural world. Most of my visual pieces blend forest, mountainous terrains and other aspects of wilderness with a human element—an expression of humanity’s contradictive attempts to subjugate and resurrect nature. For “Issue Zero” I wanted to feature my most recent pieces. In these images I aimed to capture the calm control of the restless soul, endlessly wandering.


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