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“Hi dear, I’m back, I took a break to fix my life” —Legs And we are we ever glad she is back.

Updated: Dec 17, 2019


Rebecca Weaver, known as @legsweaver, posted this message after her return Instagram in July 30, 2014. Whatever she did on her sabbatical, it was well worth it, as Weaver returned full force, ready to bear the fruits of her new future.

A talented Art Director in Milano, Italy, Weaver is in love with all forms of art and graphics, and it is obvious they have an equal love of her. Having been recently featured in Vogue Italia, Weaver’s skill behind the camera and computer are clearly not to be reckoned with, nor the definitive style that is all her own. While she has acquired much recognition for her work, both digitally and in print, Instagram remains her favourite way to share her incredible artistry.

“Instagram is not an ordinary social network, Instagram is human-to-human and a real way to share my creativity. I like to find new talents, gain new friendships and co-op with other Instagramers.

I’m really proud to be a part of and know all of the amazing crew of the Pr0ject_Uno family.” Rebecca told InSpades.

It’s true, Instagram is different, it broke all the rules of text-based social networking and carries an engagement, tranquility and esprit de corps that is unique from other social networks. It is the only social media outlet where you can set it down and come back days, weeks or months later, and still pick up right where you left off. Its image-based nature weeds out much of the fire starting politics, pop culture drama and trivial social fillers, and replaces it with a playground of creativity and unimaginable talents. The engagement within various Instagram communities is palpable, and the commitment, support and excitement are born both of the dedication to craft and a tangible camaraderie. Pr0ject_Uno represents a strong heartbeat in the pulse of this network, unifying the community in an inspiring way, and it is in this playing field where Weaver finds the freedom for her self-expression.

“I love to work with my body, especially my face, but currently I’m working on a new project with my legs. I like to create a surreal mood with my images, this is the reason why my skin in most of my work is a desaturated white…My intent is to communicate art, not sensuality…I’m not a model and my target is to create some form of emotional art by creatively using a normal human body” Rebecca explained.

As with any social media outlet, it isn’t difficult to find the ever blurring line on Instagram between those who post nude-esque pictures for the sake of having virtual strangers validate their physicality, and those who create honest art with the human body. The difference is not the presence of nudity itself, but in the intent—the craving of validation over the sharing of creativity.

Celebrating the unbounded beauty of the human body, with the focus being exactly that, @legsweaver is the definitely the latter. With her stunning expressions of the natural human form, woven with bursts of sensationally bright colours, mixed with stark desaturated whites, the creativity of her artistic intentions shine as brightly with clarity as they run deep with emotional honesty. If you are wondering what part of the line you walk, know that she is the benchmark.

Weaver’s photography may be seen with the eyes, but they are felt with the soul. There is a noticeably unrestrained experimentation within the themes of her work, allowing for the full expression of her creativity. Some of her images create a sense of tender and mysterious vulnerability, while others are marked by a naturalness and ease of being, and a refreshing and invigorating playfulness that may invoke in you the sudden urge to run naked through a flowered field. Her work is so exposing, so baring and so undeniably beautiful, you cannot help but eagerly anticipate what new project she comes up with next! Stay tuned on Instagram @_legsweaver_

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