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Flaminia Cicchino

Updated: Dec 17, 2019


On the Adriatic coast of Italy, in the small fishing town of Termoli, with a population of a little over 30,000 people, there are gorgeous seaside resorts, historic Romanesque architecture, and a visionary of bared soul photography. Flaminia Cicchino, a resourceful portrait photographer, armed with a humble Iphone, uses Termoli and it’s residents as her studio and subjects.

“My models are not real models, they are the people who surround me. Everyone has something special to offer, you just see it and highlight it.”

Cicchino explains.

Her style is mostly stark, revealing portraiture, and she loves to create a sense of pathos in her work. Her shots are crisp and clear, a detailed confession of every line, wrinkle, crease and pore.

“I love people in every way. Skin details, unexpected poses, naked bodies and faces. The hands are beautiful ways to express emotions. I love black and white; painting with light and shadow highlights the details.”

Through this method, she exposes the strength of fighters, the sensualness of lovers, the beauty of age, and intersperses these with surprising bursts of colour, highlighting the occasional body and wisp of hair. Cicchino also stirs into the mix the odd brightly coloured landscape, surfacing from the ocean of emotionality she captures, like a whale breaching the depths for a breath of clear air.

Her images read like an eloquent visual novel, an epic tale filled with love, secrecy, loss, vulnerability, loneliness and triumph. Cicchino offers a wonderful perspective to the Pr0ject_Uno team that translates visibly to their pages, and she takes pride in being able to offer her own individual flavour and texture to the community, a vision that is uniquely her own.

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