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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Takumi Kaizaki @c1thee

Sharp shots of decaying beauty, visions of human authenticity lost beneath a sea of excess, plastic and disposability.

Takumi Kaizaki recovers a hidden world that is all but lost, his photography capturing a world so fascinatingly in decline, a world that the media will keep away from our eyes, that will never be advertised, that you will never see offered in the overflowing mailbox.

But Kaizaki implores you to see, to open your eyes and look beyond the fake polished world to another reality, so exquisite and so uniquely creative. Distorted by a 10mm lens over a magnesium alloy Pentax K5 Body, and Kaizaki knows how to squeeze every little detail out of that sensor, to bring you a truly picture perfect moment.

How he gets these photos is beyond my comprehension. Fearlessly, he scales tall buildings and structures, capturing impossible sights, with astonishing precision. A veritable cavalcade of vertigo, Kaizaki’s collection will have you double-taking. His inverted image of him appearing to “hang” off a sheer sided structure, while in actuality he is simply lying on the ground, will momentarily have you convinced that he is one slipped finger away from falling, instead of one smirk away from seasoned genius.

Kaizaki is a man of few words, but each of his pictures is worth a thousand of them, and we hope he never shuts up.


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