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Christopher Funk

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

My passion for photography


My passion for photographydeveloped during my travels throughout New England. I have become especially drawn to capturing foggy scenes. I am not sure exactly what motivates me, but I love the fog so much, that when weather is just right, I am up in the wee hours driving to a location to shoot. For some reason it just taps into my inner core. My niche is my umbrellas, trees and fog but lately I have incorporated sunrises and sunsets into my work. My photography is constantly developing and I’m always finding new and exciting ways to share my point of view with the world. I started with my smartphone to capture my shots but recently bought a Canon Powershot and am saving my pennies to buy my first DSLR. I am currently working as a registered nurse but would really love to make photography a career of mine. I live for it. I have also had the privilege of meeting talented Instagramers face to face and I am constantly surrounding myself with people that inspire me and have found that with instagram and the Pr0ject_Uno family.

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