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Chanel Jansen

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

There is a solitary loneliness emanating from Chanel Jansen’s images, akin to pieces of stories untold and unfinished. They are beautifully wistful, touched by a mournful melancholy, as though waiting, heavy-hearted and hopeful, for what may come next. The field grass waits for the sway of a breeze, the shore waits for the lap of a wave, the fog waits to be broken by the sun, and the woman waits, patiently, for someone to take her hand.

Jansen loves to share her emotional captures, she creeps into the very depths of what the moment itself is feeling, searches out your intense vulnerability and the hidden strength that exists within it. “I use my Instagram account as a means of self expression, through a combination of self portraiture, nature shots and various different styles. I do not have a definitive style and like to mix things up and try new things. Instagram to me, is all about sharing with others and to inspire and be inspired!”

Chanel Jansen is a brilliant photographer, dancer, human and best of all, a moderator for Pr0ject_Uno. She will be part of the team seeking out your creations to submit to InSpades Magazine, so inspire her and be inspired, and remember that when she finds you, she’ll find all of you, so be sure to give her your truest self.

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