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Canadian Government doesn't support Canadian Artists, wasting $200,000 for a cover...Seriously!

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

...if the title didn't make you outraged, well this should! The money went to a company in the States...F@#king Seriously!

"Colby Cosh: $200,000 on a budget cover? That's exclusively Liberal tomfoolery"

From the National Post

by Colby Cosh

...If you read this article now these are my considerations—please put yourself in the shoes of a publisher/creative director/photographer that is doing all in his power to elevate, support and empower artist and creative people that have REAL talent...yes, because the cover sucks (sue me!)

This is not fair! Why is it that people without talent get to put their hands on these incredible opportunities? This cover could've been designed by a twelve-year-old using paint (for who doesn't know what paint is, it's the most basic software for editing images...it's kinda an insult if you are in the graphic biz), why can't we have great people work on it? Why can't talented people get $200,000 for a cover and help the economy with a real, concrete gesture?

It's like the case of the horrendous Ontario 150 logo that has cost the tax payers $30,000 (please contain the heaving.)

There is something wrong and we all know it, but then we have articles saying that "the logo is fine"...aaaah noooo...the logo is absolute rubbish (I'm here containing myself) this is not fine, nor acceptable. This is an insult to the creative and talented people from all over the world that could've done a better job if sitting on their mouse and wiggling their bum.

The rage that I feel when I see such injustice makes me want to scream in the faces of those decision makers that are absolutely incompetent and a disgrace to all forms of art and design.

If they told me...

that these works are from a school of youngsters and we want to give them a chance, I would've gone WOOOHOOOO kudos! If they were supporting these hypothetical "young creative minds", that would've been something that I would've loved and supported and "make-my-day".

But then the brutal reality takes over, where untalented people are hitting the covers of mainstream magazines, filling up poorly thought-through TV shows, where politicians give insane amounts to a even more poorly designed cover and where we have to live with an Ontario 150 logo like that and "like it" whether you like it or NOT!

This is why INSPADES Magazine is different, a beacon of art, passion, creativity and talent. On this I will never compromise! We are growing strong and it's thanks to our artists that believe in us and that are willing to become part of something bigger that unites us.

...I'm so sorry for not having anything more inspiring to add to close this post than...

Shame On You :(

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