• David Spadavecchia

A Moment With The Cover Artist

Updated: Dec 17, 2019


“I started experimenting with creative imagery a few years back, as a way to express myself and communicate feelings and ideas I could otherwise not word. In photography, I found a different way of communicating and simply being more me. I fell completely in love with the process and I now spend as much time as I can doing this. I love storytelling imagery and connecting with the world through it.”

“I have a few different styles to my photography and I love them all. They are all part of me and my personal expression, from the surreal and painterly storytelling, to the more conceptual and sometimes provocative images.”

“Every image has a personal meaning to me, with that said, I love the idea that the viewer might see a different story and relate in their own way. I always wish to learn new things and do not want to limit myself to one specific genre. I will go where my imagination takes me.”

“I always use my own stock and I also make my own textures. This way each image is a result of different moments in time and space, all representing bits and pieces of my life. Put together, they give room for the creation of a new and different story. To me, this is inspiring and, in a way, I hope to inspire others as well.

Photography for me is not so much what I do, but more who I am.”

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