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Jun 8, 2017

What's the best way to submit?

1 comment

What kind of photos should I submit to be selected? Can I be featured on the cover?

Jun 8, 2017

Hi beppecampopas78,

You have to change the way you are "thinking" of a feature. INSPADES Magazine is completely different from all other magazines. We FEATURE YOU! It's all about YOU and nothing else. Your art, your craft, your philosophy, your very own way to inspire the world! We don't "pick and choose" depending on our taste or preference—or even worst on number of followers. We have a team of artists that votes each feature, with this in mind think of how can you inspire the world?


The Cover!

Okay...Everyone wants the cover and for this reason we give back the "poster" that is in fact your very own cover. But if you are fixed on the real cover of INSPADES Magazine, well in this case it's the same process but you really gotta impress all of our team and the competition is really tough!


Our team of experts is composed of influencers, artists on many different crafts, all recognized on a global scale, and each one of them has only one vote (no matter how good they are!)