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Mar 9, 2018

How can I know whether my entry was published?


Will I be notified through any media if my entry gets published??

New Posts
  • davidspadavecchia
    Aug 23, 2017

    I really like to connect with artists and having the chance to chat about what they do and how the "go through" this crazy life. We all struggle and we all continue to push hard no matter what. We all have our common goals and I love the fact that we believe that we can do better. It's inspiring to know that we constantly create and we endlessly aim for higher standards and bigger goals. You do it as well. Look back 10 years from where you are right now and be inspired by your very own history...now think where you will be next year, and the year after! We all do it INSPADES!
  • beppecampopas78
    Sep 13

    I saw your interviews and I think it's great that we can get interviewed and published on INSPADES Magazine and on its YouTube Channel. But I'm in London, how can I get featured and interviewed for the channel?